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UV embossing/imprinting

We are expert in embossing and imprinting methods for rapidly defining microstructures into film coatings. The process is similar to that used to make high definition holograms. The high precision and small feature size of the track pattern is built into the embossing tool. The embossing tool is made of either nickel (for hard tooling) or a proprietary polymer material (for soft tooling). We manufacture our own embossing rollers in house and also formulate our own UV curable resin materials.

UV embossing process overview

Both sheet and reel-to-reel (roll-to-roll) processes are available. UV embossing is also sometimes referred to as UV Imprint Lithography or UV Nanoimprint Lithography.

Epigem has a reel-to-reel pilot coating and embossing machine situated in a Class 100 Clean Room environment. Small to medium volume production of UV embossed structures on flexible film is offered as a service. Equipment is also available for day trials.

  • Web width 305mm
  • Feature heights from sub-micron to 50 microns (approx)
  • Substrates can be polymeric, metal or paper
  • Substrate thickness from 6 to 350 micron
  • Web speeds from 0.1 to 20 m/min
  • UV curing with nitrogen blanketing
  • Hot air drying up to 150ÂșC (using Class 100 clean air)
  • A variety of coating techniques available including bead, meyer bar, gravure and slot application
  • Lab facilities for materials formulation preparation or modification available
  • Range of formulated UV curable acrylate/methacrylate type resins available if required
  • Additional lamination and coating of embossed microstructures available if required

sheet UV embossing

This process is used when the embossed replicas need to be on rigid substrates or for the production of small volumes of embossed plastic films.

  • Maximum sheet size 300 x 300 mm
  • Feature heights from sub-micron to 200 microns (approx)
  • Process fully compatible with reel-to-reel equipment
  • Substrates such as glass, silicon, PMMA, PC and more
  • Using customer supplied materials if required
  • Materials development available