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micro gaskets

These elements are designed to facilitate the production of a flow cell by bonding a component, such as a sensor to the surface of a chip, providing a temporary seal.
Micro-gaskets are particularly useful for integrating non-polymeric devices into a chip construction. They are moulded at the same time as the chip is manufactured and are suitable for applications with operating pressures up to 60 psi.

Applications include interfacing polymer components to silicon pressure sensors or other detectors or in cell biology to create a chamber to supply a cell-coated surface with media and reagents.

Key features and benefits:

  • Compliant sealant embedded within one face of two joined surfaces.
  • No patterned shape limit to microns dimensions.
  • Reversible linking / sealing of open via / channel structures to a flat surface or another via/ channel structure.
  • Improved compactness compared to ferrules to 0.9 mm pitch.
  • Multiple I/O per seal e.g. for use with hole arrays or cultured cell arrays and the like.
  • Structures can remain open until microfluidic addressing required.
  • Suitable alternative to the use of heat, UV or glues.
  • Easy interfacing to sensors and the like.