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electrical integration in microfluidics

Increasingly, microfluidic modules require more than just a passive microfluidic function (such as flow splitting or passive mixing). Therefore, we have developed the fabrication processes necessary for the integration of robust, PCB-like electrical circuit layers with the microfluid devices.

Unlike glass or silicon devices, where the metal tracks are made by patterning thin sputtered films on top of the microfluid layer. Epigem’s technology uses an embedded construction for the circuit layers, allowing the metal tracks to be many microns thick, yet still have a planar surface. This means that the tracks have a much lower line resistance, are less prone to cracking and are suitable for wire bonding or soldering.

The planar surface enables microfluid layers to be patterned or bonded directly on top of each electrical layer without any leaks. Device manufacturing is carried out in a clean room environment and is ISO9001:2000 quality assured. High volume manufacturing is available to provide customers with a complete service from prototype through to manufacture.

Application examples:

  • Electrophoresis separation
  • Dielectrophoresis
  • Particle sorting and trapping
  • Cell sorting
  • Capacitance / impedance sensing
  • Micro-valves
  • Micro-heaters
  • Micro-electro magnets