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channel and chamber design

Milli and microfluidic channels and chambers can be integrated within a product by a range of fabrication process methods and are available in a range of sizes, shapes and in a choice of materials. Inlet and outlets can be supplied vertically or horizontally to the channels and chambers.

A microfluidic channel or chamber has side walls and top and bottom surfaces whose materials, properties and functions can be varied. The surface roughness of the walls depends on the fabrication method. The top and bottom surfaces can be chosen to have a nano or micro structure or a mirror finish or random roughness. Channels and chambers can be supplied lidded or unlidded. Unlidded channels can be supplied with a means of sealing to another surface – the surface could support, for example, a sensor or biological cells or optics or electronics. The channels can be surface treated or lined with coatings

The top and bottom layers can have any function that can be integrated within the layer.

Design of microfluidic channels and chambers.