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Microfluidic Products

Epigem has developed a range of new technologies in microfluidic products. Some of these are described below.

fluid interconnections

The Fluence™ ferrule interconnection system uses small PTFE ferrules to connect between fluid ports on adjacent chips, so that maximum visibility of the microfluidic channels is retained. Read more…

Ferrule interconnection being used in microfluidic device


These elements are designed to facilitate the production of a flow cell by making a temporary compression seal around the edge of the fluid channel. Such devices can be quickly and easily opened and closed as required for cleaning/re-loading and the like. They also work well for sealing a component, such as a silicon sensor die, to one side of a flow cell. Our gaskets are prepared in-situ and retained into the microfluid chip assembly, so they are accurately aligned with the fluidic input and output connections to the flow cell. Read more…

Microfluid chip with micro-gasket to seal the fluid channel

electrical/electronic Integration

Often microfluid devices need electrodes to act as sensors or miniature heaters for example. We can provide our microfluid devices with this functionality by using an embedded construction for the circuit board layers, allowing the metal tracks to be many microns thick, yet still have a planar surface. Read more…

fluidic interconnections.