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precision machining

We offer CNC precision drilling and routing, via cam front end engineering, suitable for a range of plastic and composite sheet materials. Our machines can handle hole sizes from 0.2mm, with positional accuracy of  ±0.005mm on centres sizes and route profiles.

We offer small batch to full scale production quantities with 24 hour auto loading capability and can take data in most formats and have full in house conversion and CAD design capability should the customer require design support.

Material examples: PMMA, PEEK, PET, PC, FR4 and other composite boards.

We also offer 3 dimensional machining in a range of polymers on CNC milling machines.

precision tube cutting service


For small bore polymer instrument tubing in a range of “soft polymers” e.g. PTFE, Silicone rubber, TEF etc. Lengths from 1mm and above. Quantities from 100s – 100s of thousands..