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ferrules for micro-fluidic connectors

These PTFE devices are used to provide secure connections between chips or to connect a chip to a manifold or other macro device, such as a fluid adapter plate:

  • Range of options for forming compliant seal.
  • Range of options for applying sealing load.
  • Compatible with conventional means of reversible quick connection, semi or permanent connection.

Ferrule interconnection being used in microfluidic device 

Key features and benefits:

  • Compact = dense packing of connections with minimum dead space (1.6mm OD, 0.55-1.3mm ID, pitch 2mm)
  • Inexpensive
  • Capable of handling pressures up to 130 bar
  • Can be supplied captive (i.e. integrated within a chip)
  • Virtually zero dead volume, ideal for use with very small sample volumes
  • Re-usable up to 600 times (number of connects / disconnects)
  • Self aligning and tolerant to misalignment
  • Can also be used as an alignment device
  • Suitable for use with insertions such as thermocouples, reference electrodes, pH sensors
  • Also suitable for use in making pneumatic connections
  • Quick seal and reseal

Applications of ferrule connectors for fluid INPUT (liquid – liquid, gas – gas, liquid – gas, gas – liquid):

  • Direct fluid coupling – pipe/ tube to board / chip
  • Indirect fluid coupling
    • Chip to manifold / board
    • Multiple layers indirectly coupled
    • Septum to board
    • Valve to board
    • Gas to diaphragm valve in-board
    • External micropump to board
    • Syringe to board
    • Sample / reagents reservoir to board
    • Applications of ferrule connectors for fluid OUTPUT (liquid – liquid, gas – gas, liquid – gas, gas – liquid)
  • Board – pipe / tube
  • Manifold – chip
  • Board – detector
  • Board – waste
  • Detector – waste
  • Chip – reservoir

The ferrule can be positioned to enable edge or right angle connection:

  • Captured / fixed in board or chip
  • Plug in ferrule to either side of connection
    • E.g. fixed into detector chip
  • Optical
  • Acoustic