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replica gratings

Epigem manufactures technical grade replica gratings to customers’ specific requirements. The gratings are surface relief type. They are made from metal master tools such as the mandrel or the nickel embossing shim shown below.

Diamond machined grating on embossing roller Ni shim with grating surface relief

Diamond turned grating mandrel

Nickel embossing shim of grating

Roll to roll embossing equipment

Roll UV embossing equipment

The replica gratings are made by UV embossing onto a carrier substrate. The carrier substrate can be flexible or rigid and does not have to be transparent. The most commonly used substrate materials are PET (Mylar) film and glass. The equipment used for UV embossing rolls of grating film is shown. The film web width is 305 mm. The production is carried out under Class 100 clean room conditions. The

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process produces high resolution, high performance gratings. 1D or 2D type gratings can be produced.


Rolls of embossed grating film Optical backplane plate with embossed coupling gratings
Rolls of UV embossed grating film Glass plate with grating stripes


Embossed monogratingEmbossing EP 72/48Q
1.2um pitch 1.3um amplitude