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Media Market Place Event 26th April 2013

Epigem will be exhibiting at the Media Market Place Event in Leeds on the 26th of April’13 on stand 35 in the Printed Electronics Pavilion. This event is an exhibition and conference for the media industry. It will be attended by professionals throughout the industry, including; digital, mobile, print, interactive media, branding and design, app developers, video games, TV, corporate video and production, IT and software solutions, marketing agencies, PR agencies and professional services for the creative sectors.

The new field of Printed Electronics is relevant to this audience because it is enabling new ways to engage consumers/viewers/users and to deliver content to them. For example, Printechnologics GmbH has developed Touchcode technology, an invisible data tag which can be printed on nearly any surface and which, when read using a smart phone, establishes a link between print media and online communications. Printed electronics also enables smart packaging, the idea that extra functionality can be built in, at low cost, into a product’s packaging or labeling. Thin Film Electronics ASA has developed a printed memory that can be used as a brand protection label for example and UK company PragmatIC Printing is developing low cost logic circuits for smart labels which enhance brand promotion or provide some additional benefit to the user of the product, such as a timer or decision circuit.

Epigem is helping to bridge the gap between research and production in the field of Printed Electronics by providing product development, production and technical support to some of the leading players. We have facilities for clean coating of film, both sheets and roll to roll with functional materials. Examples of the types of coatings we provide are; planarising films, transparent conducting coatings, adhesive layers, release layers, primers and photoresists.

Completing the range of tools available for patterning of layers onto the carrier film web, we have equipment for UV embossing to define the pattern and roll to roll plasma etching equipment for selective removal of polymer resins. Further information about the services available can be found here.


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