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Healthy growth for micro engineering company leads to new opportunities

Epigem has experienced healthy growth in the past year and is strengthening its team. It is changing its strategy as a contract R&D provider and contract manufacturerto creation of instruments for the healthcare and consumer electronics fields.

The most recent appointment is trainee Carl Jameson who joins the production team to help drive through the changes from research to production. He will help to implement a new product development strategy.

Epigem is now figuring out how to integrate expertise in microfluidics and printed electronics into instruments eg medical diagnostics. It is looking for people who can help with instrumentation design and engineering.

The new team will develop the company’s opportunities in the life sciences and electronics sectors, building on its natural strengths in microsystems and optoelectronics.

Epigem is a polymer micro engineering company specialising in the development and manufacture of microfluidic devices, micro-optical components and printed electronics. It has been developing this expertise for 19 years and started life as a management buy-out from ICI.Last year Epigem secured over £2 million of funding for a number of development projects.

Tim Ryan, Epigem’s managing director, said: “This is an exciting time for Epigem. We are working on our existing strengths in micro-engineering, while at the same time developing a new manufacturing capability. It is a great time to be joining the company and we are harnessing and augmenting our existing skills, taking us onto the next step of fully exploiting our world beating technologies.”.

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