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Epigem secures £2million of additional healthcare funding

Epigem has secured £2million of funding this year for a number of high tech projects to accelerate its growth in healthcare markets and address specific health issues in contaminated water, milk and diseased blood.

The funds enable the company to expand its capability beyond its usual markets. It will create and safe-guard at least 10 jobs, and provide stability as the company increases its product manufacturing activities.

It is raising money to change and grow, to give the company more of an advanced engineering in healthcare focus. For the first time in its history it is working directly with doctors and vets and other medical specialists to solve a number of healthcare issues. It is also moving into the manufacture of complete solutions.

Work has already started on the ‘Aquavalens’ project, which aims to reduce the 330,000 cases of water related diseases in Europe every year. Another four projects are due to start in the next three months. All of these projects have a strong healthcare aspect.

Epigem is a polymer micro engineering company specialising in the development and manufacture of microfluidic devices, micro optical components and printed electronics.

Tim Ryan, managing director of Epigem, said: “These investments will secure the future for Epigem for years to come. They will enable us to develop our technology and move it towards larger markets as well as improve the service to our existing customers.”

“At the same time they have the potential to help make our environment safer, improve the quality of life and provide economic growth; whether that’s in connection with safety of water and milk, or blood related diseases, or therapies delivered optically, or ultrasound assisted cancer drug delivery via the blood stream.”

Epigem was recently a finalist in two categories in the annual Biomedical Awards 2013.


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