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Epigem is celebrating 20 years delivering innovation via our technology platforms in polymer micro and nanotechnology (MNT) and was the first UK company offering polymer microfabrication services.

Recognition of our unique capabilities led to open access service provision contracts within the EU’ s microsystems network, “Europractice”, including “Polymicro” (micro-optics) and “Integramplus” (silicon/polymer convergence); and as a UK MNT Centre, “Fluence”,  providing polymer microfluidic devices and  coated / embossed / imprinted film fabrication.

Epigem has given 200 man years of service to over 200 satisfied customers, with many long term relationships, employing £5 million of asset investment. We have enabled large and small companies to deliver new opportunities for their businesses, from proof of idea to supply of manufactured coated film, components and modules.

– Optical products such as polymer waveguides, diffraction gratings, holograms and microlens arrays, are generated with UV embossing technology on any substrate;

– ‘Epimesh’ is a transparent conducting film / flexible circuitry technology.

– Microfluidic products comprise multifunctional components and modules for liquid and gas handling systems.

Many of our technology firsts are patent protected by a portfolio of microstructure related products and processes for manufacture with key enabling methods for interconnection (to optic fibre, electronics, sensors, pumps and valves etc) and between the molecular, nano and micro domains into the macroscopic world.

Channels and wells, ridges and domes on any substrate, filled microstructures (with polymers and metals), printed surfaces, provide multifunctional, integrated solutions with optical, photonic, electronic, microfluidic, acoustic, surface (bio)chemical properties.

Notable pioneering innovations in polymer micro-optics, electroplated fine line embedded electrodes and microfluidics are being integrated and applied in measurement instruments (e.g. food, water safety and blood analysis), photovoltaic solar cells, touch sensors and infectious disease and cancer diagnostics.

Tim Ryan, Epigem’s managing director, said: “The past 20 years have been an innovation adventure. We have expanded our expertise and are now set on a high growth strategy manufacturing for the converging sensory electronics and healthcare markets. I’d like to thank all our customers, staff, collaboration partners and suppliers who have enabled us to develop cutting edge technology in the fields of micro and nanotechnology and polymer microengineering. ”

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