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touch screens

To meet the rapidly growing demand for capacitive touch sensors, Epigem has developed new manufacturing methods and materials to enable them to be manufactured at lower cost, with superior clarity, sensitivity and robustness.

The key innovation is to replace the ITO used in generic capacitive and projected capacitive touch sensors with a network of near invisible small metallic electrodes that have superior electrical, optical and mechanical performance. The resulting sensors are about 10 times more conducting for the same transmission.  What this means in practice is that we can make a touch sensor which has greater clarity and is also more sensitive to an applied touch.  Another benefit is that the grid has no colouration, unlike high conductivity ITO, which has pronounced green/yellow colour.

Touch screens are commonly made on polyester films to reduce manufacturing costs but ITO films are brittle and prone to cracking when flexed. Sensors made with our Epimesh electrodes by comparison are much more robust, showing good resistance to flexing over mandrels with diameters down to 9mm, surviving up to 100 cycles without any observable damage..