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flexible displays

Flexible displays, as found for example in the latest e-Reader devices, have the advantage of being lightweight, robust and low power. Many of Epigem’s technical capabilities and services offered are well suited to companies developing the flexible display products of the future. Micro-embossing can for example be used to make cell spacers, to create liquid crystal alignment surfaces and to make microstructures to assist with self-alignment to name but a few examples. Precision roll-to-roll coating and pattern electroplating can be used to make drive circuitry for passive matrix driving. Epigem’s Epimesh film can be used to replace ITO where a transparent electrode is required.

The processes offered by Epigem enable multilayered and multifunctional microstuctured laminates to be fabricated using sequential film coating, UV embossing (imprinting), plating, printing, and lamination processes. For example, these processes have enabled a group at Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories, Bristol, UK demonstrate a flexible liquid crystal display display that is bistable (low energy) and full colour. (Rudin, J; Kitson, S; Geisow, A;”Colour Plastic Bistable Nematic Display Fabricated by Imprint and Inkjet Technology”, SID08 Digest Vol39,p641-644,(2008))..