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A step towards an ‘artificial spleen’ could aid 1.6 billion anaemia sufferers

Epigem, a high-tech British micro engineering company, has made a major contribution to the EU-funded CoMMiTMenT (Combined Molecular Microscopy for Therapy and Personalised Medication in Rare Anaemia Treatments) project, a significant step towards the creation of an ‘artificial spleen’.

It will enable sufferers of rare anaemias to have more specific diagnoses and promises the potential for personalised treatment plans that are tailored to an individual’s particular condition.

The development of this innovative technology which could ultimately provide a new diagnostic tool that filters blood in much the same manner as a spleen could prove revolutionary.

Achievements to date have enabled clinicians to obtain useful new data and Epigem is now working with its EU project partners on the next three key steps of the project, which are:

  • To develop further devices that provide additional data
  • To enable identification of novel biomarkers for RBC abnormalities
  • To improve current diagnostic approaches by generating a prototype that can be used in the clinics for diagnosis of patients with rare anaemia