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Tim Ryan

Director & Founder

Tim is the Managing Director and company founder, responsible for new business creation, direction, and operation, with an international scientific reputation. He has leadership experience within large and small companies. His vision has produced a company which specialises in functional micro-structures, from the molecular level through to the macroscopic level of instrumentation, often in the healthcare diagnostics field. This has developed his entrepreneurial expertise across a wide range of applications in diverse markets, focusing on polymer science in optoelectronics, microsystems and nanotechnology.


Phil Summersgill


Phil is responsible for developing and managing a small team with a capability and customer base for microfluidic device fabrication from proof of concept through to manufacture. Phil is a time served project engineer with a creative track record in developing new products and processes with 23 years experience in developing and running operations for ICI Advanced Materials and Epigem.


Simon Allen

Chief Scientist

Simon helps Epigem to develop and characterise materials across the full range of the company’s work, liaising especially with technical partners. He brings his considerable expertise to European and TSB projects such as Milked, Mimic, Symphony and Commitment. With a PhD from Oxford on the characterisation of ferro-electric materials, Simon has previously worked for ICI for 25 years, having headed their measurement science group. He continued in this role when the group was sold to Intertek, which he left in 2013. Simon has developed a specific expertise on the characterisation of optical and electrical properties of various materials.